Foundation Staff

I am proud to be part of a great group of professionals at the Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation, and to work with our dedicated and talented Board, Trustees and individual Lions throughout Oregon and Northern California.
- Doug Thompson, Executive Director

Foundation Staff

Doug Thompson, Executive Director •
Brenda Anderson, Associate Director •
Kelly Asbra, Optical Program Director •
Nicole Mandarano, Development Director •
Kerith Vance, Programs & Operations Director •

Karina Felix, Accounting Manager •
Matt Phillips, MHSP Technology & Data Manager •
Melinda Rhodes, Programs & Outreach Manager •
Katie Warren, Optical Program Manager •

Support Staff
Kaitlin Anderson, MHSP Screening Administrator •
Tracy Brown, Optical Program Coordinator •
Coppi Nikula, Office Coordinator •
Tiffany Warren, Office Administrator •

Mobile Health Screening Program Staff

Event Managers
Wally Anderson, MHSP Screening Event Manager •
Brad King, MHSP Screening Event Manager •
Tim Young, MHSP Screening Event Manager •

Event Coordinators
Stephen Brewster, MHSP Event Coordinator •
Don Brown, MHSP Event Coordinator •
Betty Jane Bugbee, MHSP Event Coordinator •
Ted Carlin, MHSP Event Coordinator •
Debi Castor, MHSP Event Coordinator •
Warren Heathman, MHSP Event Coordinator •
Donna Penny, MHSP Event Coordinator •
Jordan Ryder, MHSP Event Coordinator •
Jerry Shipman, MHSP Event Coordinator •
Robert Springer, MHSP Event Coordinator •