Take the “Sightless Challenge”

Take the “Sightless Challenge”

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“Sightless Challenge”
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WHAT: Agree to go “sightless” for 1 hour as a way to raise awareness and funds for vision assistance.

WHY: All funds raised during the “Keep the Promise” Campaign will benefit adults and children through our 9 sight & hearing saving programs.

WHO: Anyone can agree to accept the “Sightless Challenge”!

WHEN: The Sightless Challenge is part of OLSHF’s “Keep the Promise” campaign and runs from April through June 27 (Helen Keller’s birthday).

HOW: Sponsor yourself for $30, which covers the cost of 1 pair of eyeglasses for someone in need, AND challenge 3 others to take the challenge and make a gift.

After sponsoring yourself…

Accepting the “Sightless Challenge” is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. After OLSHF sends you the Sightless Challenge kit, apply the eyeglass lens clings to the center of a pair of eyeglasses and ask 3 others to take the challenge with you!
  2. Pick a day and time from now until June 27th (Helen Keller’s birthday) to go “sightless”. Please use caution in the tasks you choose to do while your vision is impaired but try to attempt daily activities such as washing the dishes, crocheting, watching television, reading, or attending a club meeting.
  3. Tell your friends and post about your efforts on social media. You have the ability to spread awareness through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by adding the hashtag #sightlesschallenge at the end of your posts. For more information on how you can spread the word, contact Melinda Rhodes at Melinda@OLSHF.org, (503)-413-8055. Please provide the names and contact information of the three people you’ve challenged at your earliest convenience so that we are able to check in with them and ensure that they have everything they need to take the challenge.

All funds raised during the “Sightless Challenge” will support adults and children through our sight & hearing saving programs.

Eye Conditions of the “Sightless Challenge”

Cataract Eye cling

A Cataract is a cloudy or opaque area in the normally clear lens of the eye. Depending upon its size and location, a cataract can interfere with normal vision. Most cataracts develop in people over age 55, but they occasionally occur in infants and children. Symptoms include: Blurred or hazy vision, Reduced intensity of colors,  Increased sensitivity to glare, Increased difficulty seeing at night, change in the eye’s refractive error.

Diabetic Retinopathy Eye cling

Diabetic Retinopathy occurs in people who have diabetes. It causes progressive, serious damage to blood vessels in the retina, usually in both eyes. The longer a person has diabetes the more likely they will develop this condition which, if left untreated, can cause blindness. Symptoms include: Seeing spots or floaters, Blurred vision, Having a dark or empty spot in the center of your vision, Difficulty seeing well at night.

Macular Degeneration Eye cling

Glaucoma, the second-leading cause of blindness in the U.S., most often occurs in people over age 40, though a congenital form exists. Risk factors include age, thinner corneas, chronic eye inflammation and taking medications that increase the pressure in the eyes.

Glaucoma Eye cling

Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of severe vision loss in adults over age 50. This eye disease occurs when there are changes to the macula, a small portion of the retina that is located on the inside back layer of the eye. AMD is a loss of central vision that can occur in two forms: “dry” and “wet”. The dry form has no known treatment; the less common wet form may respond to laser procedures and injections. Early stage symptoms include: Gradual loss of ability to see objects clearly, Shape of objects appears distorted, Straight lines look wavy, Loss of clear color vision, A dark area in the center of vision.

PLEASE NOTE – Liability Waiver: By pledging to and participating in the Sightless Challenge, I expressly and willingly agree to assume complete responsibility for any risk of or resulting injury or damage that may arise from my choice of Sightless Challenge activities. I waive and release the Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation, its officers, employees and directors, and Lions Clubs members from any and all claims or causes related to my voluntary participation in the Sightless Challenge.