Since 1959, the Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation has served as the nonprofit arm of the Lions Clubs of Oregon to provide sight and hearing assistance for people living in Oregon and Northern California. In partnership with the Lions, we offer nine programs that serves as a beacon of hope and assistance to the most vulnerable members of our community. Learn more.


Knights of the Blind Ep. 10: Screening Oregon School Children

Wally Anderson, Mobile Health Screening Program Event Manager, explains the growth of the record-breaking program and the state-of-the-art technology that has enabled the MHSP team to screen over 70,000 school children across the state in less than one year.


District O Luncheon Highlights

On Saturday, January 11, 2014 at Sunset Presbyterian Church in Beaverton, Lions met for a day of program development, interesting forums and socializing. We shared our day with Lions Clubs International Director John Pettis who learned about how Lions provide service throughout District O. Merry Meek, Portland Downtown Lions Sight & Hearing Chair, received the District O Volunteer of the Year Award. Since she assumed her role as Chair in October 2012 and took the helm from Wally Watkins, Merry relished the opportunity to work with him. She told us, “I can’t fill his larger shoes but I will do my best!”

Lions Clubs in this district contributed $11,120 during the annual Parade of Checks to support OLSHF programs. We thank you for your gift and we’ll see you at State Convention!


District G & E Luncheon Highlights

During the District G Parade of Checks, Lions generously donated $8,427; John Pasma accepted the District G Volunteer of the Year Award on behalf of Sight & Hearing Chair Russell Chase; and Jay Nordin accepted a free MHSP School Screening Certificate on behalf of Warm Springs Elementary.
Roar! hearing recipient, Lukas Roman, shared a moving speech at District E Convention; Lions made a gift of $12,931 to support OLSHF programs during the Parade of Checks; Dr. Jon-Marc Weston, Roseburg Lions Club, was presented with a OLSHF Crystal Lion award for pioneering the Mission Cataract USA program in the state of Oregon; and Sight & Hearing Chair Mary Stansell was the recipient of the 2013 District E Volunteer award.

Look for images of these highlights on page 19 of the April 2014 Lions magazine, and we look forward to seeing you all at MD-36 Convention in May!



Ep. 9 - Lions Mission Cataract: Providing the Gift of Sight

"Knights of the Blind" TV Show - Ep. 9

The Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation is the Oregon Chapter for Mission Cataract USA. As such, we partner with ophthalmologists and their teams who are willing to provide free cataract surgeries to pre-qualified people living at or below 200% of the federal poverty level. Dr. Scott Grealish is one of 13 doctors from EyeHealth Northwest participating in the program several times a year. He is joined by Julia Gray, a double cataract recipient they assisted. Host: Doug Thompson, 28 minutes.


Every Child is Important to Us

Special thanks to Lion and staff member Wally Anderson for writing and sharing his "Gator Thoughts" column each month. In his recent article he shared a very important point—we talk about the hundreds of children we screen at any given school, but we fail to mention that we also screen very tiny schools in rural communities. We hope you enjoy this excerpt from Wally's article:

"In early January I got a request from District Governor Bill Burley from District G asking us to come over and screen the kids at the Huntington School. In his request for screening time, Bill mentioned that even though his school was small, his kids were just as important as the kids in the big schools around the state and he is absolutely correct... His kids are just as important to us as any other school in the state. 

" early January, I traveled from Beaverton to Redmond and picked up [Lion] Ted Carlin, a new Lions Foundation employee, and we traveled to Lakeview and screened 83 kids... a three day trip and driving 700 miles. Two weeks later I once again left Beaverton and picked up Ted in Redmond and this time we drove to Burns where we screened 137 kids. Then we went over the mountains to John Day and on to the Metropolis of Mitchel, population 129. Here we screened the entire school K through 12. We screened vision and hearing for all 55 students. This was another three day trip and this time it was 703 miles round trip. 

"The point I am trying to make here is your kids are important to us no matter where they are, and we will go a long ways and spend the time necessary to screen kids in any school in the state of Oregon, and Northern California." 

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