Keeping the Promise

Last year, your Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation screened, treated, and saved the sight and hearing of over 200,000 children and adults.

If you, or someone you know needs vision or hearing assistance, please click here.

Keep the Promise

In 1925, deaf-blind activist Helen Keller challenged the Lions International Convention audience with these words: “Will you not help me hasten the day when there shall be no preventable blindness, no little deaf, blind child untaught, no blind man or woman unaided? I appeal to you Lions, you who have sight, your hearing, you who are strong and brave and kind. Will you not constitute yourselves Knight of the Blind in this crusade against darkness?”

As Lions, we made a promise, and we’ve kept it for almost 100 years.

Won’t you help us keep the promise?

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Dr. Straiko – One of Our Knights of the Blind!

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