July 3rd, 3:30PM- 7:30PM at the Fields Neighborhood Park in Portland.

OLSHF is a direct beneficiary of the Portland Craft Beer Festival.

Contact Allison at Allison@OLSHF.org or #503.413.8378 to find out how YOU can participate!

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 At the Lions International Convention in 1925, Helen Keller asked Lions to help “hasten the day” when there shall be no preventable blindness and deafness. The Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation (OLSHF) was created to help keep this promise.

Your Support is Needed
Along with tens of thousands of eyeglasses being distributed throughout the world each year, over 75,000 Oregonians receive vital sight and hearing care through our nine direct service programs.

Your gift towards our Patient Services programs is needed now more than ever as the demand for Lions sight and hearing assistance continues to grow. Oregon Lions receive well over 6,000 calls for help every year, 82% of those reaching out to Lions need help with a pair of eyeglasses. The Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation’s (OLSHF) Mobile Health Screening Program will screen nearly 150,000 children this school year. 

As Helen Keller once said, "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." Please make a one time or recurring gift today to support our sight and hearing saving programs.

Thanks to our endowment fund, 100 percent of every donated dollar supports the programs we offer. Our endowment has grown thanks to people planning estate gifts to OLSHF.

Our generous network of Lions and health care providers enable us to leverage each dollar donated into five times in value. All of this is possible thanks to you helping us keep the promise! 

Will You Help Us Change Lives?

OLSHF’s third annual “Keep the Promise” Campaign supports our Patient Services Programs that provide sight and hearing saving surgeries and treatments for people in need. As the cost of sight and hearing surgeries and treatments are not often covered under Cover Oregon or other insurance plans, and for those that don't qualify for insurance, help would otherwise be out of reach. OLSHF’s Mission Cataract and Patient Care programs as well as its other sight and hearing screening programs offer assistance for people in living Oregon and Northern California who have nowhere else to turn. The “Keep the Promise” Campaign concludes June 27th, on Helen Keller’s birthday. In 1925, the Lions told Helen Keller they would take up her cause to fight preventable blindness and deafness. For almost 90 years, they have honored that promise. 

About the Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation
Last year, the Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation provided over 124,000 of those in-need in Oregon, Northern California and throughout the world with cataract surgeries, hearing and vision testing, prescription eyeglasses, hearing aids, low vision exams, school and community health screenings and much more. 

We are proud that 100 percent of every dollar donated helps restore sight and hearing for those in need. How is this possible? All of our administrative costs are covered by endowment interest. Our office space is rent free in perpetuity by virtue of the generous contribution of Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center. Our corps of 4,000 Lions volunteers from 175 clubs throughout Oregon provide free assistance. Our network of 500 providers performs greatly discounted medical care. Our sponsors, both in-kind, and direct funders give generously. How does this translate to saving the sight and hearing of Oregonians? Every donated dollar translates to more than five dollars’ worth of medical care for those in need.