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    OLSHF Annual Report

    Please enjoy the OLSHF Annual Report 2014-15!

  • Hall of Fame Gala – Oct. 3

    The Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation (OLSHF) is hosting its annual Hall of Fame Gala at the Tualatin Country Club on October 3th, 2015 to honor the Lions history and outstanding work in communities all around the state…. Read More

  • MHSP Spot Vision Screening

    Mobile Health Screening Program (MHSP)

    During program year 2014-15 we achieved the following: Vision screening: 138,914 children screened at 485 schools; 10.1% referral rate. Hearing screening: 19,005 children screened at 96 schools; 9% referral rate.

  • Visiting our LEAP Optical Program

    LEAP Optical Program & Finishing Lab

    The LEAP (Lions Eyeglasses Assistance Program) Optical Finishing Lab produces low cost eyeglasses for people throughout Oregon who qualify. For years, the Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation (OLSHF) has been tackling the growing problem of providing eye exams and glasses to… Read More

Together We Keep The Promise

Last year, the Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation provided over 124,000 in-need Oregonians with FREE cataract surgeries, hearing and vision testing, prescription eyeglasses, hearing aids, school and community health screenings and much more.

If you, or someone you know needs vision or hearing assistance, please click here.

Keeping the Promise

In 1925, Helen Keller touched the Lions International Convention audience with these words: “Will you not help me hasten the day when there shall be no preventable blindness, no little deaf, blind child untaught, no blind man or woman unaided? I appeal to you Lions, you who have sight, your hearing, you who are strong and brave and kind. Will you not constitute yourselves Knight of the Blind in this crusade against darkness?”

As Lions, we made a promise, and we’ve kept it for almost 90 years.

Won’t you help us keep the promise?

OLSHF Annual Report 2014-15_Page_01

OLSHF Annual Report

Please enjoy the OLSHF Annual Report 2014-15!

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KidSight USA Thanks OLSHF

Excerpt from a letter to OLSHF by Dr. Edward V. Cordes, PID, Chair, Lions KidSight USA: Special Thanks – I want to extend a special thanks to the Lions of Oregon and Colorado. I had the opportunity to visit… Read More

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No one knew if this child could see until…

When asked if there was a particularly memorable screening, MHSP Screening Manager Tim said, “There is one child that comes to mind. He is in the life skills classes due to his health condition. He is unable to… Read More

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